ILTER's aims and objectives

ILTER's Vision:

ILTER’s vision is a world in which science helps prevent and solve environmental and socioecological problems.

ILTER's Mission:

ILTER consists of networks of scientists engaged in long-term, site-based ecological and socioecological research. Our mission is to improve understanding of global ecosystems and inform solutions to current and future environmental problems.

ILTER’s ten-year goals are to:

  1. Foster and promote collaboration and coordination among ecological researchers and research networks at local, regional and global scales
  2. Improve comparability of long-term ecological data from sites around the world, and facilitate exchange and preservation of this data
  3. Deliver scientific information to scientists, policymakers, and the public and develop best ecosystem management practices to meet the needs of decision-makers at multiple levels
  4. Facilitate education of the next generation of long-term scientists.


Further details are available from the ILTER Policy Document and the draft Strategic Plan (2006)