Chinese Ecosystem Research Network Organized 22nd Annual Conference

The Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) 22nd Annual Conference was held in Lhasa from 3rd-5th August. Academician Chen Yiyu, the director of CERN Science Committee, and Mr. Meng Deli, the Deputy Secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee and government adviser, attended the conference. The conference specially invited Mr. Yao Tandong, the director Institute of Tibetan Plateau, gave a speech on “Assessment of Eco-Environment of Tibetan Plateau”. Directors of Synthesis Research Center and Sub-Center, Principle Investigators and researchers of Ecosystem Research Stations all attended the conference, over 200 people in total. CERN Lhasa Agricultural Experimental Eco-station and Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research locally organized the conference. 

Mr. Yu Guirui and Mr. Zhang Baojia, the deputy chairmen of CERN Science Committee, gave the reports on “CERN Networking Research” and “ To be Qualified CERN Station Directors” respectively. Mr. Feng Guoren, the deputy director of Bureau of Science & Technology Development (BSTD), Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported on CERN working plan and the working arrangement of 2016. The Mr. Zhou Ju, head of Department of Resources and Environment BSTD, reported on the progress of CERN in 2014. 

The conference focused on the discussion of networking research, the construction of scientific research bases and future development of CERN. It also organized sun-group discussion on indicators and regulations for the monitoring of “water, soil, atmosphere, biology and aquatic systems”. In addition, 10 winners of CERN Youth Best Paper Award were commended with award certificate on the conference. 

Mr. Meng Deli addressed that CAS and CERN have done plentiful effective work, provided faithful basis for the decision-making of Autonomous Region Government and valuable consultation and advices for Tibet social and economic development. He hopes the scientists do the scientific research of Tibetan Plateau well as ever and could contribute to Tibet social and economic development. He hopes the scientists do research on Tibetan Plateau well as ever and keep contributing to the development of Tibet. 

Academician Chen Yiyu affirmed the sound momentum of CERN. He suggested on the creation of CERN as a core innovation platform and a better future. He claimed that eco-stations should adhere to the long-term ecological monitoring of Centennial scale, carry out network research, demonstration work on the basis of scientific results and principles to guide practice and serve the society.