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Annual ILTER meeting, 2014 & All Scientists Meeting of the Americas

22nd annual meeting of ILTER representatives and first All-Scientists Meeting of the Americas.

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Dec 01, 2014 12:00 AM to
Dec 08, 2014 12:00 AM




ILTER representatives and invited guests

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The 22nd International Long-Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Annual Meeting will this year be held back-to-back with the first All-Scientists Meeting of the Americas.

Long-term socio-ecological research has become increasingly relevant to understanding the multifaceted connections between biological and geochemical processes in the biosphere, as the planet responds to unprecedented human and natural forces. At this meeting in Chile, we hope to learn about ongoing research at long-term research sites through the US and Latin America, and discuss the historical, conceptual and philosophical backdrops of our work. The ILTER Network is now, more than ever, an essential component of our common effort to make science useful to the wellbeing of human society. We hope to have a most exciting and enjoyable meeting in Chile, getting to know Senda Darwin (Darwin´s Trail) Biological Station in Chiloé Island, Chile, and other field sites and locations in Valdivia, Navarino Island, and Fray Jorge National Park.


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